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Mon, Feb. 4th, 2008, 08:36 pm
Superbowl :(

So the Superbowl this year was both awesome and disappointing. I have basically spent the year cheering for the New England Patriots, admittedly my second favourite team, and they were on the verge of something really special. Going undefeated is no easy task in the NFL. Only one team has done it and the Patriots had the chance to be the 2nd. And with 1 min to go it looked like they would do it. So to see the Giants pull off a last minute drive for the ages was both amazing and shattering at the same time.

I really like the Giants. I think they have a solid team, and the quarterback, the other Manning, gets a lot of flack he really doesn't deserve. I wanted this team to win a Superbowl. Just not this year.

The Sports Cafe was certainly a different mix from previous years. When the Patriots won their last Superbowl the crowd was definitely on their side, this time I think our table was cheering the loudest for and there was a deafening roar when the Giants scored with 35secs to go. Even Tom Brady isn't going to get you much with 35secs to go.

And that was it. The dream of undefeated was shattered. Perfection was lost. And the annoying legacy of the 1972 Dolphins remains and will possibly never be undone.

The game itself was actually great. It was a defensive struggle most of the game, but there were still 5 lead changes. The Patriots offense was hemmed in most of the night by the Giants defense. There were a couple of opportunities they just didn't convert on when they needed too and if you let the underdog hang around long enough they will certainly make a game of it.

I think a lot of kids (American Kids) dream of being down (or tied) in the Superbowl with 2mins to go and driving their team for the winning score. They all want to emulate Joe Montana. Eli Manning had the opportunity to live out his boyhood dream and grabbed it with both hands.

In other sporting news (because I have spent the last 5 days involved in a cycling tour) I think I might have seen one of the future stars of world cycling. Travis Meyer is a 18-year-old kid out of Australia and he managed to dominate a reasonably strong field to win the Trust House Classic, including a criterium ride on the last day where he lapped almost everyone. We might not see him at the Olympics this year (Australia already has a pretty strong team) and he won't be going pro immediately or anything, but there was a lot of talk about seeing him in the Tour de France in future years. It was pretty exciting to see.

Point of Fashion: Superbowl haircut
Current Obsession: With only the Pro Bowl remaining I have very little time left to get my fix of the NFL